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Inventory Chaos Part 3: Good Habits

Inventory Chaos – table of contents
Part 1: Folder Shuffle
Part 2: Gadgets
— Part 3: Good Habits [you are here]

Some things that I have attempted to learn over the course of my stay in Second Life so far, is that making good habits can possibly prevent headaches in the future. So whenever I am going through my inventory, I end up going to catalog and put everything in the main folder away first.


Something I advise anyone who is trying to clean up their inventory or sort things where you can find them again is to avoid just shoving things all in one folder. Because if you do it once, you’ll probably do it again, until you have huge folders that you have to sort through when you should just have ONE folder to put everything inside. For me, which is optional if you aren’t cataloging by year of the object’s creation and the like, is making sub folders where they are categorized by what year they were made in. But I’m probably the only one who does this besides some creators.

Now then, moving on from that, it’s probably a good idea to make sure to get rid of sneaky problems that will help inflate your inventory very fast, other than unpacking all the sizes and versions of an object that you most likely don’t need at the time of putting something together…

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inventory sorting · Tutorials

Inventory Chaos Part 1: Folder Shuffle

Inventory Chaos – table of contents
— Part 1: Folder Shuffle [you are here]
Part 2: Gadgets
Part 3: Good Habits

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The biggest problem, other than my lack of motivation, depression, and hectic first life, is the current state of my inventory. I know a lot of people have a messy inventory, and it’s alright. I know your pain. But for me, I get real tired of not finding something in the chaos and lots of things are not where it should be at all. I even have things that were from 2014 and before that needed to been sorted and cataloged… but are still in these temporary folders I make.

And that’s what this post is going to be about; folders. But before I get into that, I’ll explain what I want to do. This is part one of many posts to come about my messy inventory and how I am trying to deal with it. I suppose it can be one huge tutorial or set of tutorials, with me trying to record on how I do things so that maybe I can DO IT instead of letting it build up more. (It’s funny how I do this while in the process of moving IRL…)

Of course, I will have some advice that I have learned while using SL for various things. And I’ll attempt to keep a good schedule and routine whenever I log on and the like. So here we go… deep into my 71k+ inventory…

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