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52 Weeks of Color: 01 – Grey


This is the first outfit post of 2015, and it’s gonna be me trying to attempt the 52 Weeks of Color challenge again. This time, I hope to complete it ’til the very end. I’ll be doing other challenges throughout the year too. And trying to blog more than just my outfits too. But I’ll talk more about that stuff in my New Year’s Resolutions post.

This is week 1: Grey. I had went (almost) all the way with this and wearing makeup, hair, eyes etc. that were shades of grey. Maybe I should continue this trend, and see what happens. I also should use more accessories too.

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Skull Girl

The Forgotten City

It’s been almost a month since I last blogged, even though I’m active on flickr. I hope everyone had happy holidays and fun times with loved ones. Or just a great time alone, if you prefer solitude!

I haven’t been up to posting about my outfits lately, and anything else I haven’t found words to. I only wanted to share my SL photography and see if I can get better by taking it easy. I thought I would make more quality shots, but I only ended up with a few. But that’s going to be something I will work on very soon. New Years Day is coming up faster than lightning, and I am excited for a better year than this one. 2014 wasn’t the worst year for me, but it was still pretty bad. I’ll talk more about what I expect to get out of the upcoming year in my New Year’s post.

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Bundle Up

Bundle Up

We’re already getting snow over where I live, and it’s just horrible. Yet again, people driving like crazy no matter how bad the weather gets. Makes me want to pull my hair out. I chose to not drive unless I absolutely have to, I’ll take the bus and a cab instead. (Even though the last cab I took drove… really recklessly too. Speeding on a snow covered road is the best idea ever, totally.) As for the snow itself… even though it’s cold at least the snow was drifting gently. Not really getting heavy until later yesterday. Nice to look at, a horror to walk through at this time, since some of the snow was melting under the new layers and turning to slush. I slid around all too often, but I still did what I needed to do.

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Burger Gal

Burger Gal

I remember when I went to my first gacha event back in 2013, in September. It was a new experience for me because I was still somewhat of an SL newbie back then, just starting to get back into it. I had come across things called “gacha” before, I think, I don’t remember what the first one I tried was. But I do know that after that, I had become a gacha addict. I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to gacha, and my attempts to stay away from gacha never worked. Maybe one day I’ll try to cool it down with the gacha, but that’s probably a day far off…

This outfit was put together because Fashionably Dead had put out all their vintage gacha, and so I went wild. Because I had bought some of the platform cuties second hand, and I needed more of them. I really love them. I had a chance to collect some of them during the event they were in, but I overlooked them for some reason, because I was so focused only on the Noodles fairy tale charm gacha. I also had gotten this rare sweater before, but traded it off for another… and I had regret doing so. This sweater is just so fun! And it calls to me so much, a person who loves to eat burgers.

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Sweet Donuts

Sweet Donuts

A buddy, Lydia, and I went to have a cute photoshoot at the Cake sim! It was fun, even though I wish the photos were better. Though I tried! I had to merge some images together, and done some shoddy shooping skills in an attempt to make the photos at least a little decent looking. I hope they don’t look too bright, because of the pastels vomit all over. Rainbows! I really like taking pictures with my buddies… we should do it more often. But maybe just random candids without all the photoshop necessity.
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114. Pumpkins and Bats

Pumpkins and Bats

Yesss. My most favorite month of the year is here. I love fall and I love Halloween. The best time since there’s pumpkin everything too. I love me some pumpkins, you have no idea. This is also the time that lots of nice shops are putting out Halloween themed things if they haven’t already. One of them being Ambrosia, with another mini hunt in their shop this year. It’s exclusive to group members, so join if you can! (requires a small fee, but it’s worth it if you like cute stuff!)

There’s also one of my most favorite sims of all time, RMK Gothic, that is having another Halloween event. This time, the theme is a magic academy! I haven’t figured it out just yet (besides I got flung into a corner and crashed as usual LOL) but I’ll be going back soon with a friend to check it out. While I was there I managed to snag some gacha stuffs and some freebies, and checked out what was being put up for sale… So much cute Halloween stuff. I can’t control myself around Halloween stuff.

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111. Chariot


So my buddy got a mod from Candy Mountain… a bear one. And I had thought that I wouldn’t get any more mods for the kemono because I hardly use it. Mostly because I don’t know how to dress her. But the bear mods by Candy Mountain, seeing one next to me and just sooo cute… I couldn’t resist, so I bought a pack. I wanted one of the color ones too, so I’ll go back later to get the one I want. I didn’t realize it at first, but the mod is inspired by Rilakkuma. (Also I bought a monkey kemono mod from Burd Designs too but I’ll post about that one later!)

I also decided to get a couple new clothing pieces for the kemono, since I do love it and want to use the avatar more often. I’ll make another post with the monkey and other clothes later. I have to catch up on a whole lot of blogging stuff. I took too many days off to get distracted!

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109. But I still say, they’re flowers.

But I still say, they're flowers. B

Just a little casual outfit that I put together for my new profile picture in world. I’d like to try and change it every month, as a routine. I had gotten some tips from a friend in editing the pictures this time, so maybe they’ll turn out not so washed out when I’m just being lazy and not cranking the graphics up. I’m still enjoying just playing around, contemplating on getting some things that I’ve really been wanting from the shop or splurge more at The Arcade

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107. Pink Fleur


I really love builds like this shop… I would hang out at builds like this for hours. I’d love to put together a skybox with fantasy elements like this and other ones I’ve seen like this. The problem I have is figuring out how to fill empty spaces with it all looking repetitive or looking like it’s just a mess. I had decorated my dome a few times, but every time just looks like a mess and “unfinished” looking. One of these days, I will accomplish this, so that I may have a nice little palce to hang out in instead of a cluttered ground floor I have now.

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[HAIR FAIR 2014] Ohmai!

[HAIR FAIR 2014] Ohmai!
This is the first in a series of (very late) posts I wanted to do about the Hair Fair this year. I wasn’t able to do it sooner because of personal and technical reasons. But it’s better late than never, I suppose. I had managed to nab a few hairs during the event, so I will make even posts about them in pairs. Since I had bought two versions of this hair, causing the even number to turn odd, this hair will be blogged together. And that’s the inspiration for this set of looks – twins.

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