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Mori Girl

Mori Girl//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsLocation: Eclectica, The Place Windlights: Inspire Space Star Pose(s): Kuso / Oracul – D5350-Crouch by Daiz Papp, Culprit Love Cage Natural (PG) by Eku Zhong, .:M.LAW:. Bisbee Daybed Forest by Marcelo Law Today is my birthday, so I decided to try and post something for once. I don’t wear non-human items enough, and I really want to, since lately I’ve been wanting to use more horns and use my elf ears more. I’ve been wanting to decorate more too, but I keep running out of prim allowance with roomie, oops. Besides, I don’t have very many greenery, trees and plants and such. I’ll have to work on that later. Continue reading “Mori Girl”

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Light in the Attic

Light in the Attic

I just wanted to try my hand and decorating more… I did have an idea, but I ended up with running out of patience with how laggy everything was becoming. My mouse was dragging and hanging up no matter how much I shake it (and I put new batteries in it too!) some mesh wouldn’t rez properly, and moments where I was trying to position things – nudge them – only for the object to fly off somewhere into the horizon. So I gave up trying to add more to the scene and decided to go with the feel I was going for.

I had wanted to capture more of the skybox, which is the Equinox Attic by Vepsertine, but the problem above happened. Ah well, there will be another day to try. Possibly a less insufferably laggy one. Also, I hope my photo isn’t too dark, I did try to lighten it without ruining the “light in the dark’ atmosphere. I’m no good with photoshop at all, heh…

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Chimera Youkai

ORIGAMI: Goldish CatchingLast year, I had loads of fun at the Kagami event held at this sim. RIN-NE is an event much like it, being a story with some gameplay with a HUD. It’s put together by the same folks who had a hand in Kagami last year. It’s a horror story filled with more supernatural fun and Japanese mythological creatures and stories again. I won’t spoil too much, you should go and play for yourselves, the HUD and experience is free and I’m sure you’ll love the atmosphere if you love horror stories like this one. Here’s a couple of SLurls for you: The mall and the game. Continue reading “Chimera Youkai”

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Backlog of Outfits #1 – January

backlogoutfits_001 JAN2015

This is going to be a long series of posts starring a whole bunch of outfits I have made but I haven’t bothered to / was too tired to post about, or I ran out of time. Either way, here they are now. I would like to have some commentary on the outfits along the way, since each outfit I feel had some kind of inspiration for it. Only if I remember the reason, though! (Also, the items are listed from the first outfit on the left to the right.)

Luckily, I either only bothered to make 2 outfits in January, or I only saved 2 of however more I might have had. But the next post will have many more, so much that it’ll have to be separated into parts. At the beginning of the year, I think that’s when Violent Seduction had released a pretty lolita dress inspired by Sailor Moon. So I had the urge to break out my Usagi / Sailor Moon avatar again and dress her up. I had wanted to take a picture of my male avatar posing with Usagi but I had no fancy / formal men’s wear, or at least couldn’t find any in my unorganized inventory… So I let it be.

The second outfit was just and Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit that I threw together as soon as I successfully (after many, many tries) got one of the rare dresses from the Nomi Alice gacha. I also wanted to try and add this girl as new fashion model avatar to the roster of SLOCs… but I forgot what I named her. Oops!

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Violet’s Favs: All About Dat Sn@tch

( Note: This is the first of a series of blog posts that I’ve always wanted to do for a while. It’s where I role-play the post, answering as if I am the character / avatar shown. I will put up the basic info about each character introduced in a page linked at the top of the blog. For now, I hope you enjoy these posts! )


Sup, bats! Violet LeBlanc reportin’ in!

My girl Miel and I finally came to an agreement, and figured that it would be a good idea to take y’all around to my favorite haunts. I’m always lookin’ for new places to hang out and shop too, but for now, lemme take you to a place that I love shopping at frequently: Sn@tch. (Here’s the taxi that takes you right there!)

Violet's Favs: Sn@tch

Read on for my two cents!

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Return to Paradiso

Location: Memento Mori, Chouchou V

Return to Paradiso

I returned to this sim again because I love it so much. I’m in love with the gentle purity of the structure and walls, the windows and the many staircases and pillars spiraling all around it. There’s even a beautiful, glowing crystal bell hanging above the hallway, where the lonely piano is. It’s one of my favorite parts to the whole build, and it looks more clear in the windlights I changed to below.

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365DSL2015_028: Rezzed

I’ve fallen behind in blogging, even my daily photo blogging. I had hoped that I would do more this year, but I have been so distracted still. Also I got really depressed again, and as usual just beat myself up internally over every little thing I try to do. But I’m alright, the feelings come and go and I’m alright. I guess I can’t expect myself to just get over it just because it’s the new year. That’s a very unrealistic goal, hahaha. But what I have been doing is taking better care of myself offline lately, despite it being winter and the fact that I fell into another moody moment again.

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