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Noir & Jaune

Noir & Jaune

I really like the color yellow, since it’s bright, sunny, and is apparently the color of my soul and dreams. My dream-self is in the realm of yellow, and I love her to bits. I also love bees as well, so the combination of black, yellow, and sometimes grey is really nice to my eyes. One day I hope to be able to re-create what my dream-self looks in in Second Life… but for now, I can just collect and use yellow colored items in her honor.

An itty bitty Royal Jelly, my dream self / Gen in casual clothes.


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Backlog of Outfits #1 – January

backlogoutfits_001 JAN2015

This is going to be a long series of posts starring a whole bunch of outfits I have made but I haven’t bothered to / was too tired to post about, or I ran out of time. Either way, here they are now. I would like to have some commentary on the outfits along the way, since each outfit I feel had some kind of inspiration for it. Only if I remember the reason, though! (Also, the items are listed from the first outfit on the left to the right.)

Luckily, I either only bothered to make 2 outfits in January, or I only saved 2 of however more I might have had. But the next post will have many more, so much that it’ll have to be separated into parts. At the beginning of the year, I think that’s when Violent Seduction had released a pretty lolita dress inspired by Sailor Moon. So I had the urge to break out my Usagi / Sailor Moon avatar again and dress her up. I had wanted to take a picture of my male avatar posing with Usagi but I had no fancy / formal men’s wear, or at least couldn’t find any in my unorganized inventory… So I let it be.

The second outfit was just and Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit that I threw together as soon as I successfully (after many, many tries) got one of the rare dresses from the Nomi Alice gacha. I also wanted to try and add this girl as new fashion model avatar to the roster of SLOCs… but I forgot what I named her. Oops!

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Sweet Donuts

Sweet Donuts

A buddy, Lydia, and I went to have a cute photoshoot at the Cake sim! It was fun, even though I wish the photos were better. Though I tried! I had to merge some images together, and done some shoddy shooping skills in an attempt to make the photos at least a little decent looking. I hope they don’t look too bright, because of the pastels vomit all over. Rainbows! I really like taking pictures with my buddies… we should do it more often. But maybe just random candids without all the photoshop necessity.
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[HAIR FAIR 2014] Ohmai!

[HAIR FAIR 2014] Ohmai!
This is the first in a series of (very late) posts I wanted to do about the Hair Fair this year. I wasn’t able to do it sooner because of personal and technical reasons. But it’s better late than never, I suppose. I had managed to nab a few hairs during the event, so I will make even posts about them in pairs. Since I had bought two versions of this hair, causing the even number to turn odd, this hair will be blogged together. And that’s the inspiration for this set of looks – twins.

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Introducing Man!Miel ~ Noel Dyne


So I was looking around and being the second opinion on my buddy’s skin search, when I had come across a skin that I fell in love with myself. We were looking for male skins, and came across some gorgeous ones at Tableau Vivant. So… I ended up saving a little and snatching up Sean along with SLink appliers for him too. I’ve made a good choice, him and Miel match so much. This is exactly what I wanted, since I wanted basically Miel if she was male. I am very happy.

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062. Romantic Fairy

062. Romantic Fairy A

Hey friends! If you noticed, I decided to use some of my other Skins for a while, a friend suggesting that it might be a good idea to do so. I have bought a few different skins in the past, and this one is Reagan in Snow White by La Petite Morte, which was an exclusive item being sold at Enchantment – a fashion fair based on classic fairy tales. Unfortunately, the event I bought this from is over… BUT! A new round of Enchantment has begun, with the theme: Red Riding Hood! (The last one was Snow White) It’s open until near the end of this month. Here’s a Limo to Enchantment: Red Riding Hood

062. Romantic Fairy C

February’s round of The Candy Factory has begun a few days ago, and as usual, LNS Designs has some new goodies for you to buy! Here is a new hair they’re going to release soon, named Adonia in the Romantic color pack. For the event, the hair comes with a HUD that has 2 ombre colors and has 2 versions inside the box – one for system breasts, and an altered size for those who are Lolas ladies~ The second item they are selling at the factory is the Chryseis collar, which is rigged mesh and comes in different sizes too. It moves really well with your avatar, and has cute little studs and a heart shaped ring on the front!

Here’s a limo to The Candy Factory!

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053-054. Vesper and Lucifer

Finally managed to get into Collabor88 and snatched up some new hair by Lamb, jewelry by Maxi Gossamer, and a couple of cute blouses by The Secret Store. I also hopped on over to the current round of The Chapter Four to pick up some more cute stuff by Half-Deer! I really love Half-Deer’s stuff… and I also love getting the most out of my mesh feet, so hell yeah I stomped on over to get my share of cute shoes for the flat SLink feet. (I got black 3 times in a row… anyone wanna trade? Please?) There was so much stuff to choose from, but I settled on the shoes and this cute dress in the 2 for 1 sale room. It comes with this blue one as well as a pink one, there’s other color pairs too.

053-054. Vesper and Lucifer

Meanwhile at the always insanely crowded Collabor88, Lamb brings this hair WITH A HAT. Seriously when I found out the hat was including I bought two of them when I was planning on only getting one. I am gonna get another soon. (I got Pastel and Monochrome, why I didn’t pick my natural haircolor pack for my second one is beyond me) And as I said, I got two blouses from The Secret Store in white and black, because girl needs moar blouses. My poor wallet is once again beat up. But no regrets.

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049-050. Advent Girls

049-050. Advent Girls (Ruby and Scarlet)

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope that y’all had a good holiday… and don’t forget! You still have time to get a lot of these items I am wearing! For the dress and jeans, you can grab them at the Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt that’s going on right now! Maxi Gossamer is having a Group special sale as well as a hunt, where you have to look at the stock to find the 10 items that are marked down for 50 Ls. For the group sale, you must wear the Maxi Gossamer group tag (you can join the group right there as well) and pay the new items at full price, but THEN you are instantly repaid back the sales difference. So make sure you wear your tag!!

The headdress on the right is Le Poppycock’s entry in The Invitation Only Hunt – look for the white envelope with the red wax seal! Last but not least, we have some items from The Arcade Gacha Events – the shoes, Noella in Gold by Ingenue (75L) and Brienne Flats in Marigold by Fri.Day (50L) The current round is still going on, so go and try a few machines and get some high quality goodies to decorate your home and avatar! You can use the shopping guide over here on The Arcade’s website.

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