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Happy Rez-Day Miel, 2016

Happy Rezday 2016, Miel

It’s my avatar’s Rez-Day once again. I couldn’t do much of anything, since I’m in art college at the moment, but I did manage to grab a little present for her. I’ve been wanting this outfit for her for a long while, but either kept forgetting or never had the spare change to get it when I did. It’s The Dreamer set by BunnyStar Productions (Mhyja Questi) which I had put in my wishlist since I started and learned that you can buy things with money in Second Life.


I still have a lot of regrets for just standing by and not creating much of anything during the 5 years that I’ve been in Second Life. I would get inspired to do things, but then have all the motivation robbed from me and get overwhelmed with feelings of inferiority and believing that I have no creativity whatsoever. So I just like to enjoy things made by others instead, which I still continue to do…

But that’s alright. Miel looks good blending into the virtual world and in our little pockets of peace regardless. Happy Rez-Day, Kaibib Resident.

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Little Bat

Little Bat

The outfit that I wore today (save the cake and party hat), which is my birthday. 24 years old and still haven’t really accomplished much. Ah well. At least this time this birthday was fun, and I am thankful no drama happened on it. It’s not much, but I just would like to have at least this personal “holiday” to myself with as little nonsense as possible. There’s the rest of the year for that.

Parts of this outfit was a gift to me, and I really love it, since I don’t have much for the kemono avatar to make a full outfit. (Or I’m just not very creative when it comes to dressing the avatar) And though I wish the shoes also were human feet shaped, they are really cute.

Thank you both for a fun birthday~

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