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p A z E

She still refuses to change, always staying the same. There’s really no reason why she should throw away everything that she had been her entire life just to fit with the crowd. She knows she’s nothing special. She knows that she that her chances of truly standing out are slim.


But the girl doesn’t care the slightest.

She makes the choice to stand back, to never lose herself.

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Welcome Home

I’ve just moved to a new location after traveling many, many miles across a handful of states. From the chilly and isolated Michigan to the much warmer and crowded Tennessee. I still live with my mother, so I must go to whatever location she goes, despite all my trying (and crying) to try and achieve the means to live on my own. My silly brain thought that I could accomplish this within a few months time. Yeah right! Unless I landed a job and started making thousands right away, there just was no getting out of this.

Welcome Home

So I put on the big girl pants once again and went along. And the trip was actually enjoyable. Since the guy my mother found this time seems like a good one, and I’ve gotten to know him too since he’s helped us move and save us from possibly becoming homeless. So my opinions changed, and even more so over the trip which seems to have been the most fun we’ve had over the past few months. Drama would wear anyone out.

I’ve never had a real father figure in my life, so maybe this will turn out alright. Even if I’m getting a bit old. To me though, it still means something. So we’ll see.

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EternalI just wanted to share my love for this sim – Memento Mori, Chouchou V – as well as my love for flexiprim clothing and how much I miss it. I regret not getting into making things regularly and joining in on the creation train back then. As well as having the attention span of a mouse and then not playing SL for almost an entire year back in 2012, missing out on a lot of things.

I am happy to have found that Hal*Hina had kept their shop open since 2009, selling skins, sculpted hair and lots of pre-mesh clothing that, in my opinion, still look beautiful. Continue reading “Eternal”

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5 Reasons why I haven’t been blogging as much.

I’m so mad at myself.

Ongoing Depression

It’s no secret here and on my plurk that I’m chronically depressed, and it’s just something I have to live with. I do my best to not let it get the best of me, and just try to ignore it. Most days it’s just the ‘energy draining’ type, which I am thankful for at least, if it must happen.

Second Life is one of the things I like to do to combat my depression, and soon I’ll be making things to enrich my Second Life further. I’ve always wanted to become a creator in SL.

Multi-tasking TO THE MAAXXXX

I’m very guilty of trying to tackle on too many tasks and projects all at once. Thus, I hardly get anything done, but it’s a miracle if I do get all the things done that I wanted to.

(other) Video Games

I usually play video games or chill with buddies online to try and get around my depression and keep myself from thinking unhappy thoughts.


When I say I’m a weak person, I really mean it. I get sick often, but most of the time it’s my own fault. Nothing too serious though, just “Why did I eat that,” and “How much did I eat? I should eat less.”


This happens a whole lot, especially when I look at others’ stuff and then start comparing myself to others. It’s a bad habit of mine.

TL;DR – Same ol’ stuff. Different day. I’ll attempt to post more about the pictures I take nowadays. And explore more, I definitely should do that. (or talk about the places I love to shop at, since I’m a shopaholic.)

I’ll be trying to make a backlog of outfits I had before, but

(credits for outfit below)
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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Second Life:

  • Blog more + make sure it’s more than just fashion stuff
  • Take more quality pics in world of anything
  • 365 days challenge in SL (starting 2.2.2015)
  • Explore in SL more, take more pics at pretty places before they disappear.
  • Become an original mesh creator in SL and make all the ideas running through my head.
  • Paint an original skin for myself. Makeup, eyes, and other body mods too.
  • Clean out and sort my inventory + clean up the mess on my lot’s ground floor.
  • Make more mods for UTILIZATOR avatars.
  • Do profile and meta stuff on the various ‘personas’ of my avatar / SLOCs.
  • Finish up the frequently worn page.

First Life:

  • Get fit + lose weight (from 215 to 160-170 at least. 140-150 minimum)
  • Go for walks every other day to every day
  • Get back into Lolita fashion.
  • Save money for vacations + travel more.
  • Go to Disney World. (looool not gonna happen)
  • Buy / play / read more video games and books.
  • Sew and craft more.
  • Find someone to give me a chance at a job this year.

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Abba – Happy New Year

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I love the skin I’m in…

I love the skin I'm in... A

I just wanted to make a post about something that I’ve been getting upset over for a little while now. Most of my encounters with other residents have been very kind and problem-free… but sometimes I have encountered some residents who don’t exactly appreciate how my avatar looks.

I find it hurtful that some folks don’t like my avatar simply because of her skin. The skin I chose for her is a high quality skin (by Pink Fuel) and yet that’s not the problem, it’s the tone I chose. I am tan in real life, with dark eyes and brown hair, I am female and I am short. So I chose my avatar to look at least somewhat like this description. Because I wanted my Second Life to BE my Second Life – my avatar is ME. I’m one of those people who take things like this to heart, and that’s why I try my best to have Miel’s default look like so: tan skin, short, dark brown hair (or just brown hair in general) and brown eyes.

I love the skin I'm in... B

So of course I’d get my feelings hurt when some folks don’t like my avatar because of her skintone. They usually don’t say it outright, but I know the implication when I see it. I deal with racism sometimes in real life – but mostly because I am mixed. This is usually the first topic someone comes up with when talking to me for the first time in real life. I know that they don’t know me but that’s the thing… They DON’T know me. Most others try to act like they know who and what I am the first we meet. And they apparently know why I’m here too. Their faces when they get it wrong… it’s like I slapped them in the face right then and there. One even got offended as if I did slap her (I merely just corrected her) after I had said, almost four times, that I am not the race (and nationality I might add…)

I needed to rant about how people shouldn’t dislike me or my avatar just because she and I happen to be tan skinned. She’s not going to change, I am not going to buy the same skin in a lighter color. Or have one of my white skins be my new default. Nope. Not happening. I like Miel how she is. I am satisfied with everything I choose for her. I only wish some people would think a little harder before trying to poke fun at or reject my avi because she is tan.

Photo(s) @ Baja Norte
Pose(s) | Gal in Love by ZZANG (Hushhushhush Resident) [The Chapter Four Round 10]

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Oh hey!


Here’s my first entry… of a brand spankin’ new blog. Now I can be like all the cool kids on the Grid who have blogs and such right?

I’m cool now right?

Anyway, my name is Kaibib in Second Life. Display name/nickname is Miel Dyne. My real name? Brittany. I’ve been on the Grid for a couple of years. My Rezday is December 11, 2011. Miel is 2 SL years old and I’m 22 in real life.

I plan to have this blog be about just various adventures, shopping trips, and outfit posts I will have down the road. I hope to meet new friends too, because I am very lonely…

I also have hopes to become a SL creator. I’m interested in learning how to make clothes and maybe hair… but one thing at a time.

Here’s to a good start~