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p A z E

She still refuses to change, always staying the same. There’s really no reason why she should throw away everything that she had been her entire life just to fit with the crowd. She knows she’s nothing special. She knows that she that her chances of truly standing out are slim.


But the girl doesn’t care the slightest.

She makes the choice to stand back, to never lose herself.

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Noir & Jaune

Noir & Jaune

I really like the color yellow, since it’s bright, sunny, and is apparently the color of my soul and dreams. My dream-self is in the realm of yellow, and I love her to bits. I also love bees as well, so the combination of black, yellow, and sometimes grey is really nice to my eyes. One day I hope to be able to re-create what my dream-self looks in in Second Life… but for now, I can just collect and use yellow colored items in her honor.

An itty bitty Royal Jelly, my dream self / Gen in casual clothes.


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Princess Pink

Entry For Tres Blah Gacha Contest

So I had wanted to start decorating more and more lately, and since I have all this stuff… And I love soft pastels in bed rooms. I usually like to decorate my SL bedrooms with things that I would have liked to have in real life, such as the four poster bed with curtains. Fairy lights everywhere, maybe a little more flowers, and a beautiful vanity where I could pile lots of makeup onto. Even though I don’t normally wear makeup, I know my avatar would.

I also tried to place objects in ways that mimic my own habits too, because I wanted to create a more cozy feel.  But not too cluttered to end up not looking nice anymore. I usually sit where my laptop is and keep drawing things nearby as well, switching every now and then.

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Happy Rez-Day Miel, 2016

Happy Rezday 2016, Miel

It’s my avatar’s Rez-Day once again. I couldn’t do much of anything, since I’m in art college at the moment, but I did manage to grab a little present for her. I’ve been wanting this outfit for her for a long while, but either kept forgetting or never had the spare change to get it when I did. It’s The Dreamer set by BunnyStar Productions (Mhyja Questi) which I had put in my wishlist since I started and learned that you can buy things with money in Second Life.


I still have a lot of regrets for just standing by and not creating much of anything during the 5 years that I’ve been in Second Life. I would get inspired to do things, but then have all the motivation robbed from me and get overwhelmed with feelings of inferiority and believing that I have no creativity whatsoever. So I just like to enjoy things made by others instead, which I still continue to do…

But that’s alright. Miel looks good blending into the virtual world and in our little pockets of peace regardless. Happy Rez-Day, Kaibib Resident.


Bit World

Bit World
@ Geektopia 2016, Oasis of Love

I really wish there was more places on the grid like this. I had been to a Nintendo and Super Mario themed place before, but it’s gone now. It was fun, where whenever you jumped it made the iconic sounds, and you could stomp on enemies and talk to scripted NPCs. It was unfinished, but there was still so much you could do. Even get a Game Over and end up in some underwater dungeon with a halo above your head!

This place was a shopping area, and there wasn’t much to do other than that, but I ran about jumping all over the place. It was more fun that way,as well as turning up the graphics for the glowing on the floor.

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Inventory Chaos Part 3: Good Habits

Inventory Chaos – table of contents
Part 1: Folder Shuffle
Part 2: Gadgets
— Part 3: Good Habits [you are here]

Some things that I have attempted to learn over the course of my stay in Second Life so far, is that making good habits can possibly prevent headaches in the future. So whenever I am going through my inventory, I end up going to catalog and put everything in the main folder away first.


Something I advise anyone who is trying to clean up their inventory or sort things where you can find them again is to avoid just shoving things all in one folder. Because if you do it once, you’ll probably do it again, until you have huge folders that you have to sort through when you should just have ONE folder to put everything inside. For me, which is optional if you aren’t cataloging by year of the object’s creation and the like, is making sub folders where they are categorized by what year they were made in. But I’m probably the only one who does this besides some creators.

Now then, moving on from that, it’s probably a good idea to make sure to get rid of sneaky problems that will help inflate your inventory very fast, other than unpacking all the sizes and versions of an object that you most likely don’t need at the time of putting something together…

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Sleeping Princess

Sleeping Princess

I had wanted to try my hand at the decorating blogging for once in a long while, and focus on the environment and not just my avatar. I wasn’t going to have her in there, but I feel that a sense of scale as well as having a person living in the space is nice sometimes. I love light, muted colors and lots of white. It’s nice and soothing especially if it’s of that shabby chic quality. This set up here isn’t all shabby chic, but it’s still airy and calm like I wanted. Sleepy, even.

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Welcome Home

I’ve just moved to a new location after traveling many, many miles across a handful of states. From the chilly and isolated Michigan to the much warmer and crowded Tennessee. I still live with my mother, so I must go to whatever location she goes, despite all my trying (and crying) to try and achieve the means to live on my own. My silly brain thought that I could accomplish this within a few months time. Yeah right! Unless I landed a job and started making thousands right away, there just was no getting out of this.

Welcome Home

So I put on the big girl pants once again and went along. And the trip was actually enjoyable. Since the guy my mother found this time seems like a good one, and I’ve gotten to know him too since he’s helped us move and save us from possibly becoming homeless. So my opinions changed, and even more so over the trip which seems to have been the most fun we’ve had over the past few months. Drama would wear anyone out.

I’ve never had a real father figure in my life, so maybe this will turn out alright. Even if I’m getting a bit old. To me though, it still means something. So we’ll see.


Inventory Chaos Part 2: Gadgets

Inventory Chaos – table of contents
Part 1: Folder Shuffle
— Part 2: Gadgets [you are here]
Part 3: Good Habits

I don’t really use many gadgets and things to sort and catalog my stuff, but it does help. There’s some things that others have recommended that I might not have, but these are things that I actually use myself. The post got long so it’s going under a cut now.

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