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I should do reviews more often… I give LMs to the shops if they have an in-world shop, plus the name of the creator(s) / owner(s) so that, should their shop poof, you can find them and see their profile picks. Or look them up on the marketplace. I also list everything I wear in the photo even if I had done so over, and over, and over… in case someone knew rolls along and reads it, but not knowing where [item] in the photo is from.

I do edit my photos, usually the lighting and the color if they ended up in an undesirable shade raw. Sometimes I edit clipping and other mistakes if I can, but most of the time I just leave the clipping and glitches as they are. (Or I overlook them by accident) Some pics you’ll have to find on my tumblr, since I most likely would not think they belong on this one.


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