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Happy Rez-Day Miel, 2016

Happy Rezday 2016, Miel

It’s my avatar’s Rez-Day once again. I couldn’t do much of anything, since I’m in art college at the moment, but I did manage to grab a little present for her. I’ve been wanting this outfit for her for a long while, but either kept forgetting or never had the spare change to get it when I did. It’s The Dreamer set by BunnyStar Productions (Mhyja Questi) which I had put in my wishlist since I started and learned that you can buy things with money in Second Life.


I still have a lot of regrets for just standing by and not creating much of anything during the 5 years that I’ve been in Second Life. I would get inspired to do things, but then have all the motivation robbed from me and get overwhelmed with feelings of inferiority and believing that I have no creativity whatsoever. So I just like to enjoy things made by others instead, which I still continue to do…

But that’s alright. Miel looks good blending into the virtual world and in our little pockets of peace regardless. Happy Rez-Day, Kaibib Resident.


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