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Inventory Chaos Part 3: Good Habits

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Some things that I have attempted to learn over the course of my stay in Second Life so far, is that making good habits can possibly prevent headaches in the future. So whenever I am going through my inventory, I end up going to catalog and put everything in the main folder away first.


Something I advise anyone who is trying to clean up their inventory or sort things where you can find them again is to avoid just shoving things all in one folder. Because if you do it once, you’ll probably do it again, until you have huge folders that you have to sort through when you should just have ONE folder to put everything inside. For me, which is optional if you aren’t cataloging by year of the object’s creation and the like, is making sub folders where they are categorized by what year they were made in. But I’m probably the only one who does this besides some creators.

Now then, moving on from that, it’s probably a good idea to make sure to get rid of sneaky problems that will help inflate your inventory very fast, other than unpacking all the sizes and versions of an object that you most likely don’t need at the time of putting something together…

Things that need to GO

In order of priority, to me at least.

OBJECTS. This is where the majority of your new stuff might end up, since a lot of things are boxed and objects go in the objects folder, obvs. For me, I make folders in here for things that don’t fit inside the other main folders, like home decor stuff and vehicles, gadgets and the like. If you let this folder get out of control, it might be painful to sort through later. Keep what you want and toss away the rest.

Trash. (and to extension, the Lost & Found one, when it appears) This is probably going to be obvious and the second biggest problem if you don’t empty your trash folder often. I made it a habit to empty this out every time I log on, because I know at least a handful of things are going to be slam dunked into it during my session.

Landmarks. These are useful, but they also can quickly multiply until they might take up 1/4 of your inventory count even. I would shove them into a notecard or a HUD and such, sorted in whatever means you like. For me, it’s by what type of landmark they are – shops, places of interest, yardsales, friends, sandboxes, etc… I also sort by alphabet and put in keywords to help me remember what is there. Also, they won’t always be in the landmarks folder, and some creators stick the landmark(s) to their shops in their products. If you already have one, you should get rid of the rest.

Notecards. Seriously, after a while, these can climb to a ridiculous count as well. If they are notices and sales ads and the like, I read them, then immediately get rid of them. If they mean something to you, I would suggest to keep those and label them accordingly, file them into one notecard.

Duplicates. Extra alphas that you really don’t need, and if you have different colors of the same clothing (e.g. same mesh shirt in 3 colors) I think it’s safe to discard the extra alphas after putting all those color folders into one bigger folder. Also extra sizes that you don’t normally wear on your avatar, box those up and put it in the same folder.

Scripts. Of the useless and unmoddable / untransferable kind that most likely say ‘delete me’ or similar. Or if you make scripts yourself, and you keep different versions of them, maybe delete the ones that you don’t use and keep the updated, finished copy. Otherwise, keep them all in a notecard.

Gacha / Transferables. There’s a subculture in SL that is dedicated to tradable / transferable objects. I admit, I keep trying gacha and end up with plenty of duplicates that I have no idea what to do with. For these, I would suggest to just give them away if you don’t need or want them. Otherwise, there’s always yardsales to sell them to, plenty of those around. Otherwise, into the trash it goes.

Poses / Animations. With the help of the PoseAnywhere tool, I put all my poses in HUDs now, sorted by type of pose. This probably can be done with animations and dances too.

And last but not least…

Catalog and sort your new purchases as soon as you obtain them. I can’t stress this enough, if you want to save yourself from frustration later.

Good luck! You can do it!


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