Sleeping Princess

Sleeping Princess

I had wanted to try my hand at the decorating blogging for once in a long while, and focus on the environment and not just my avatar. I wasn’t going to have her in there, but I feel that a sense of scale as well as having a person living in the space is nice sometimes. I love light, muted colors and lots of white. It’s nice and soothing especially if it’s of that shabby chic quality. This set up here isn’t all shabby chic, but it’s still airy and calm like I wanted. Sleepy, even.

I like to play soft and airy music while I mess around in Second Life sometimes, but usually it changes when my mood does. And it changes frequently, which I find annoying but I just have to live with it. I try to maintain a calm one as I make art or craft, so I can focus on it and possibly get it done. Otherwise I know I will either forget about it or get upset and not want to do it anymore. I really try my best to actually finish things that I start, but my mind is constantly rolling and I fidget and get distracted often.

I like the pace I have in Second Life too, with solitude and sometimes complete isolation so I can at least be a little more successful in staying focused.

==== CREDITS ====
building |
Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett) – Breeze
frame | NODe+ (nyagos Kidd) Tableau
bed, ladder | [ keke ] (Kean Kelly) The Pea Princess’ Bed + Step Ladder
table, balloons, cake, giftboxes | Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg) Soiree gacha – table, pastel balloons, peach cake, gifts
rug | +LunaRosarie+ (HeethxMichelide Juran) It’s A Fairytale gacha – Rabbit’s Bride fuwafuwa rug


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