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Welcome Home

I’ve just moved to a new location after traveling many, many miles across a handful of states. From the chilly and isolated Michigan to the much warmer and crowded Tennessee. I still live with my mother, so I must go to whatever location she goes, despite all my trying (and crying) to try and achieve the means to live on my own. My silly brain thought that I could accomplish this within a few months time. Yeah right! Unless I landed a job and started making thousands right away, there just was no getting out of this.

Welcome Home

So I put on the big girl pants once again and went along. And the trip was actually enjoyable. Since the guy my mother found this time seems like a good one, and I’ve gotten to know him too since he’s helped us move and save us from possibly becoming homeless. So my opinions changed, and even more so over the trip which seems to have been the most fun we’ve had over the past few months. Drama would wear anyone out.

I’ve never had a real father figure in my life, so maybe this will turn out alright. Even if I’m getting a bit old. To me though, it still means something. So we’ll see.


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