Inventory Chaos Part 2: Gadgets

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I don’t really use many gadgets and things to sort and catalog my stuff, but it does help. There’s some things that others have recommended that I might not have, but these are things that I actually use myself. The post got long so it’s going under a cut now.


I’m gonna talk about these first, since the one thing that I find really, really useful can be useful to you too.

CTS Wardrobe HUD [marketplace link]
And when I mean useful, to me this is a GODSEND. It’s a HUD that can do many things all in one, such as posing your avatar in place, saving camera angles and creating your personal wardrobe page on the CTS website. It’s the most useful thing to me, keeping my things organized in a visual way so I can SEE what I have without having to constantly spam click everything in my inventory to see what it is and if it’s what I’m looking for.

Of course, I still sort things in my inventory by type as specific as I can, too.

02-09-2016_invblog 05

PoseAnywhere HUD [marketplace link]
It’s a MUST HAVE for those who like SL photography even slightly, and has gathered a decent amount of pose animations. It won’t stop the camera from resetting

Avatar Expressions

AnyPose Expression HUD [marketplace link]
I know lately that a lot of people are using mesh heads more and more, but I don’t always like using mesh heads, despite owning plenty. So being able the standard avatar’s facial expressions (as well as eye position and hand gesture if you’re not using mesh hands) is a plus.


02-09-2016_invblog 04

Well of course. How else to keep your pretty avatar to. stop. moving. And plus they are useful even when you’re not just trying to adjust things your avatar is wearing or cataloging things like I do. There’s some fancy pants ones but some are free, and they are simple to make too, if you know how to script basic things. (The orange one up there is mine.)

Here’s a couple that I use sometimes, TMT Pose Stand and NeuroLab Pose Stand. Though I had made my own and loaded it with poses I already had too. This one is great because when you’re not using it the object deletes itself, so in case you forgot it at some place where rezzing objects is available, doesn’t clutter the land especially if it doesn’t belong to you! Also it has a bunch of features and basic poses already.


02-09-2016_invblog 03
Texture Organizers
There are professional ones, and I have some, but I haven’t used them very much as I don’t build very often. Though, the one I had used last was free at a place called Builder’s Brewery, in the freebie resources area. (It’s called the =BB= Ceawlin Texture Organizer) They have tons of resources for sale and for free, plus free classes nearly every day. They’re useful to be able to see the textures that you have, for building or otherwise. This one is organized by common type of texture used while building things.

02-09-2016_invblog 01

Cubing / Boxing
You rez a box on the ground, then put your things inside. If the things are copy, you’ll still have the original in your inventory. You can safely delete those, or keep all but the size you normally wear when it comes to clothing.

02-09-2016_invblog 02

This is basic hover text script that I use, it helps even more, since all my boxes look the same, so having a floating title above it will let me see it right away for what I need.

I can even color the boxes differently if I really wanted to, like having all the boxes that have dresses in them be one color, and shoes another color, or if I have textures in world already available and slap them on the sides of the box.

And I think that’s it for now… See you guys Thursday!


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