Year in Review

SL Year in Review: 2015 – Best Snapshots

Year in Review SL - 2015 - Best Screencaps (text)

Another year goes by, and I feel very drained of energy to do much… But here’s 2015’s year in review part 1: Best Snapshots. Plus my little commentary.

.:: January ::.
high rez }

This was taken in response to a photo challenge by Strawberry Singh, to make a yearbook-like snapshot. So I went to find backdrops that were probably used in the 80’s and early 90’s since I was born around that time, and then dressed my avatar up accordingly. I really do want to find more 80’s and 90’s styled clothes for Miel eventually.

.:: February ::.
high rez }

I really wanted to take more pictures and explore one of my all-time favorite sims ever, INSILICO, which spans across 4 whole sims and I never seen anything like it. I still haven’t managed to explore every nook and cranny of that place, with it having many layers from the ground to high in the virtual sky. I love Sci-Fi and futuristic cyber stuff.

.:: March ::.
high rez }

I wanted to dress up my avatar as an angel, and take floaty, bright photos at the chapel, Memento Mori, owned by the virtual music band Chouchou. The whole area is one of my favorite places to be, and I visit it occasionally to relax.

.:: April ::.
high rez }

The first time I ever decorated a big room like this, and it looks pretty much like how I would like to have my home IRL. I am an artist, and having so many artist themed objects cluttering everywhere inspires me. The artwork on the easel in front of my avatar is my actual art, though I guess I could have picked a better piece! That’s just what my art looks like when I’m not being overly serious. But art is always and forever part of my life, and I want my dream career to be about it. I have no talent for much else.

.:: May ::.
high rez }

I watched Twin Peaks and was inspired to do something about it… I even made my own waiting room / dark room for some photos. But I really wanted to experiment with angles and the expressions of the avatar too. So this was made, unfortunately it’s that one nightmare scene. I say my photo is pretty tame compared to the real scene.

.:: June ::.
high rez }

Another genre of fiction I really like is of the Post-Apocalyptic kind, which is why I like video games like Fallout and movies like Mad Max. I thought of it all when I came to Oyster Bay back in June, but the theme is most likely changed to something else, or the area might not exist anymore. I am uncertain, but it was really nice when this one was up.

.:: July ::.
high rez }

An Origami event was going on, and I really adore the beautiful Japanese buildings and gardens of this spooky area. It was set up for an interactive game and story called RIN-NE, which was about a girl being spirited away by demons after tampering with an evil urn. So I decided to dress up as a yokai – a Japanese demon. Not sure what kind, but a demon nonetheless.

.:: August ::.
high rez }

There was a photo contest going on, which was ballet themed because of the maker creating the ballet shoes my avatar is wearing. Unsure of who won or if there was any winners… But I really love this photo, I think this might be the best photo I have ever taken. I put a lot of effort into this one, even doing more photoshop (for shadows, angle, cropping and color editing) than usual, and even decorated some of the scene around me. I still really like it.

.:: September ::.
high rez }

After the last photo, I really wanted to do another small decorating scene, and came up with this. I wanted to experiment with lights as well, so I turned on all the bells and whistles and I think it turned out nice. I would love to have a small space to myself like this IRL.

.:: October ::.
high rez }

I found this place first before making the outfit, and I got inspired by animal people and the forest. I also was wearing those hooves nonstop since this is around the time I created a character that had hooves.

.:: November ::.
high rez }

I snapped the pic before I realized that my arm tattoos disappeared again! It’s one reason why I don’t bother with mesh bodies very often if I’m doing clothing layers. Was inspired by Sailor Moon and the character Chibi-Usa. I also am obsessed with stars and space.

.:: December ::.
{ high rez }

Another one inspired by Chibiusa, since she’s my favorite character in the series. I also just wanted an excuse to make my avatar all dressed up in pink instead of doing any holiday stuff, since I was too busy before and during Christmas. Too much nonsense and drama too, but at least I found some time to relax.


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