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Light in the Attic

Light in the Attic

I just wanted to try my hand and decorating more… I did have an idea, but I ended up with running out of patience with how laggy everything was becoming. My mouse was dragging and hanging up no matter how much I shake it (and I put new batteries in it too!) some mesh wouldn’t rez properly, and moments where I was trying to position things – nudge them – only for the object to fly off somewhere into the horizon. So I gave up trying to add more to the scene and decided to go with the feel I was going for.

I had wanted to capture more of the skybox, which is the Equinox Attic by Vepsertine, but the problem above happened. Ah well, there will be another day to try. Possibly a less insufferably laggy one. Also, I hope my photo isn’t too dark, I did try to lighten it without ruining the “light in the dark’ atmosphere. I’m no good with photoshop at all, heh…

:: SCENE ::
Skybox | Vespertine (Amelie Knelstrom) Equinox Attic Skyloft
Bottles | [ keke ] (Kean Kelly) Summer Soda (White + Peach) – Group Gift
Ice Cream Tub | +Half-Deer+ (Halogen Magic) – a Summer Delights gacha box
Spoon | Poche (Miyu Adder)
Star Lamp | +Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star Standing (Gold)
Teddy Bear | 8f8 – Homeless Teddy (Gachatopia Show – 8f8 gift)
Hanging Stars | [ keke ] the sky is the limit – star – gacha
String Lights | [ keke ] star string
Fort | Jian (Kalia Firelyte) – Pillow Fort v2
Books | floorplan. (Tegan Serin) – pile of books

:: OUTFIT ::
Dress | *Edelweiss* (Moeka Kohime) Irie 2.0
Slippers | *BOOM* (Aranel Ah) Animal Slipper (bunny/cream) – gacha

:: BODY ::
Hair | Elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Kara
Body| Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle) – Lara
Eyes | Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) – Bewitched Eyes – Pitch
Skin | Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena) – Alyx (hazel)
Hands + feet | Slink (Siddean Munro) – Avatar Enhancement Hands Female (Gesture)

:: MUSIC ::
This Patch of Sky – A Light In The Attic


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