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EternalI just wanted to share my love for this sim – Memento Mori, Chouchou V – as well as my love for flexiprim clothing and how much I miss it. I regret not getting into making things regularly and joining in on the creation train back then. As well as having the attention span of a mouse and then not playing SL for almost an entire year back in 2012, missing out on a lot of things.

I am happy to have found that Hal*Hina had kept their shop open since 2009, selling skins, sculpted hair and lots of pre-mesh clothing that, in my opinion, still look beautiful. I really miss clothing layers and flexiprims. To me, they still are nice to use and wear if put together well, and I also think that flexiprims look better when it comes to motion and general viewing since I still don’t like how some mesh contorts when sitting as well as trying to take care not to let the alpha show when posing. Lately I just stopped caring if the alpha was showing or mesh objects were clipping through each other, but sometimes… I do. Eternal

But I still love mesh, and I do own a couple of mesh bodies, though I never use them since I have to go and look for people who make clothing that is: 1) for the mesh body that I own 2) is within my budget and 3) is even my style. So I’ve come around to realizing I should just make my own clothing layer and flexiprim clothing.


Hands Slink (Siddean Munro)- AvEnhance Hands (Female) Elegant, Gesture
Ears Mandala Jewelry (Kikunosuke Eel) – Steking Ears Season 5
Hair Damselfly (Tommy Fairplay) – Aria (Light Reds) @ Hair Fair 2015
Eyelashes Lovely Alien (Seven Paragorn) – Starry eyelashes
Eyes Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) – Bewitched Eyes (Pitch)
Skin Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena) – Alyx v2 <Hazel> + Alyx lipstick


Dress, Shoulder Bow Hal*Hina (Hinano Runo) – Flower Flower Dress -01- [milky white]
Tights Cannibelle (Annabelle Couturier) – Plain Nylon Tights – Light Nude 2
Shoes G*Field (Cerberus Noel) – Kate Bow Strap Shoes -white-
Veil D R O P (Sayaca Unplugged) Bridal Wedding Dress – veil (unavailable)
Necklace Ambrosia (Sherry Otsuka) – Pearl rose choker [blue] (part of a past hunt gift) (unavailable)
Earrings tomoto (Tomo Watcher), piercing perle (unavailable)


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon – For the Sake of the Princess


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