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5 Reasons why I haven’t been blogging as much.

I’m so mad at myself.

Ongoing Depression

It’s no secret here and on my plurk that I’m chronically depressed, and it’s just something I have to live with. I do my best to not let it get the best of me, and just try to ignore it. Most days it’s just the ‘energy draining’ type, which I am thankful for at least, if it must happen.

Second Life is one of the things I like to do to combat my depression, and soon I’ll be making things to enrich my Second Life further. I’ve always wanted to become a creator in SL.

Multi-tasking TO THE MAAXXXX

I’m very guilty of trying to tackle on too many tasks and projects all at once. Thus, I hardly get anything done, but it’s a miracle if I do get all the things done that I wanted to.

(other) Video Games

I usually play video games or chill with buddies online to try and get around my depression and keep myself from thinking unhappy thoughts.


When I say I’m a weak person, I really mean it. I get sick often, but most of the time it’s my own fault. Nothing too serious though, just “Why did I eat that,” and “How much did I eat? I should eat less.”


This happens a whole lot, especially when I look at others’ stuff and then start comparing myself to others. It’s a bad habit of mine.

TL;DR – Same ol’ stuff. Different day. I’ll attempt to post more about the pictures I take nowadays. And explore more, I definitely should do that. (or talk about the places I love to shop at, since I’m a shopaholic.)

I’ll be trying to make a backlog of outfits I had before, but

(credits for outfit below)

Dress (rare), Eyepatch, Hat, Stethoscope | B.C.C Lovehoney Nurse Gacha @ The Arcade
Skin | Pink Fuel – Alyx <Hazel>
Hair | Magika – Surprise [01]
Necklace | Izzie’s – Blood Drip Halloween Gift

Bed | .Olive. the Forget me Not Bedroom – Door Bed RARE
House | Picnic – prefab gallery set


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