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Return to Paradiso

Location: Memento Mori, Chouchou V

Return to Paradiso

I returned to this sim again because I love it so much. I’m in love with the gentle purity of the structure and walls, the windows and the many staircases and pillars spiraling all around it. There’s even a beautiful, glowing crystal bell hanging above the hallway, where the lonely piano is. It’s one of my favorite parts to the whole build, and it looks more clear in the windlights I changed to below.

Return to Paradiso


Return to Paradiso

I appreciate the time and effort put into structures like this in real life as well as the second. Incredibly detailed chapels and temples of all kinds, they are all lovely. I can imagine how much time was spent making this building in Second Life… but however time and effort it took, I am glad that it happened. The whole thing is just breathtaking and I feel so at ease when I am here, especially when I climb the staircase high above the main hall and just look out into the horizon.

Usually when I go places, sometimes I try to fit with the theme of the area. Sometimes I make outfits and end up finding places to take pictures that actually compliment them instead. Like I have with this one, where I had made this angel outfit before I came here. Then again, I was well aware of this sim and what it felt / looked like theme-wise before I departed to it.


I was inspired by (one of) my Zodiac signs – Libra. As well as my burning need to wear the new Aisling accessories I had won, especially the tiara, which is a rare from the gacha, Sadhana. It’s available to play at Aisling’s shop. I also wanted to wear a flexi skirt, but I was too lazy to try and dig through my inventory to find one with a long skirt, as all I had were short flexi dresses. I really miss wearing clothes with flexi attachments, because I miss the motion. I want to sort out my inventory and then break out my vintage things from when I started playing properly for the first time.

:: MUSIC ::
Devil May Cry 4 OST: Idol of Time and Space


{ For frequently worn, check the top menu }

Pose(s) | +Natural+ (Ayuu Fairey) Ma Vie (Mavi Beck)

:: BODY ::
Eyes | Alaska Eyes ~ Mint Kisses by S0NG (Funeral Plutonian)
Wings | Empyrean Head Wings – Snow (enlarged) by +Half-Deer+ (Halogen Magic)
Hair | Croft {Browns} by pr!tty (Karla Marama)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | Starry eyelashes by Lovely Alien (Seven Paragorn)
Eyeshadow | Foxy Eye Makeup by Glamorize (Yoko Leeeroy)
Lipstick | Ce3nter of Attention Lips – Fashionably Pink by Glamorize (Yoko Leeeroy)
Eyeliner | Zeebat Eyeliner by The Horror! (Horrorcherry)
Nailpolish | Blossom by alaskametro (Alaska Metropolitan)

Dress | Don’t Forget Me ~ White by Les Petits Details (Nevery Lorakeet)

Necklace | the Mine! Zodiac Necklace – Libra [silver] by Olive (Naminaeko)
Nose Chain | Simple Nose Chain [freebie?] by Aisling (Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham)
Tiara, Anklets, Rings | Sadhana – tiara RARE, filigree rings, lower legs A [gacha] by Aisling (Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham)
Earring | Dream Happy Fairy Moon by Maxi Gossamer
Armlets | Lady of Highgarden – shoulders [gacha] by Aisling (Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham)

:: PROPS ::
Scales (actually an enlarged earring, lol) | Scales of Justice Earrings by Yummy (Polyester Partridge)


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