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365DSL2015_028: Rezzed

I’ve fallen behind in blogging, even my daily photo blogging. I had hoped that I would do more this year, but I have been so distracted still. Also I got really depressed again, and as usual just beat myself up internally over every little thing I try to do. But I’m alright, the feelings come and go and I’m alright. I guess I can’t expect myself to just get over it just because it’s the new year. That’s a very unrealistic goal, hahaha. But what I have been doing is taking better care of myself offline lately, despite it being winter and the fact that I fell into another moody moment again.

We got a new computer at last. And by golly, I am never using the old one for Second Life and general gaming ever again. This computer is a BEAST, and a very good one too. It’s a really nice gaming one, an Asus. It looks pretty and works friggin excellent. So of course I had to try it out. With this new computer, I’m no longer afraid to wander about with the graphics up and the shadows on. It hardly slows down at all (but I still won’t keep them on forever though, lol… old habit) and I’m glad I won’t have to struggle so much to take nice quality pics anymore. Yay!

Now for the outfit… I was scrambling about trying to finish a hunt when I came across Anachron again, displaying some things at Futurewave. I’ve always wanted more sci-fi gear, so I bought some things and a new hair to fit. I tinted the socks to better match the rest of the outfit. I then came here to InSilico! I really, really love this set of regions. (There’s 5 of them side-by-side… a HUGE VIRTUAL METROPOLIS!) And going by a rule I made for myself lately, is to snap as many pics as possible. So that I don’t have regrets later for not having things to go back on other than my raw memory of the places I enjoyed staying at.

Photo(s) @ InSilico
Pose(s) | unknown

:: BODY ::
Eyes | Natural eyes / Barbados by Insufferable Dastard (Audrey Lamede)
Hair | Frenchie : Dynamics by Homage (Kaiden Trill)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyebrows | Goth Eyebrows ver. 10 by Rotten Toe (Elsa Liebknecht)
Eyeliner | Nova Liner [White] by Nox. (Anya McConach & Olyvia Stratten)
Nailpolish | Spring Glitter for Slink by A:S:S  (Photos Nikolaidis)
Lipstick | galactic Lip [teal] by Nox.

Dress | Chemicals & Circuitry – Cyanide by :{MV}: (Lokii violet)
Gloves | Long Gloves / black by .ARISE. (Lonlysoule)
Socks + shoes | Hovershoes & Socks – Ion by Anachron (Nix Marabana)

Helmet | Harmonic Helmet – Glow Bubble by Anachron (Nix Marabana)

:: MUSIC ::
Daft Punk – End of Line


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