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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Second Life:

  • Blog more + make sure it’s more than just fashion stuff
  • Take more quality pics in world of anything
  • 365 days challenge in SL (starting 2.2.2015)
  • Explore in SL more, take more pics at pretty places before they disappear.
  • Become an original mesh creator in SL and make all the ideas running through my head.
  • Paint an original skin for myself. Makeup, eyes, and other body mods too.
  • Clean out and sort my inventory + clean up the mess on my lot’s ground floor.
  • Make more mods for UTILIZATOR avatars.
  • Do profile and meta stuff on the various ‘personas’ of my avatar / SLOCs.
  • Finish up the frequently worn page.

First Life:

  • Get fit + lose weight (from 215 to 160-170 at least. 140-150 minimum)
  • Go for walks every other day to every day
  • Get back into Lolita fashion.
  • Save money for vacations + travel more.
  • Go to Disney World. (looool not gonna happen)
  • Buy / play / read more video games and books.
  • Sew and craft more.
  • Find someone to give me a chance at a job this year.

:: MUSIC ::
Abba – Happy New Year


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