Year in Review

SL Year in Review: 2014 – Best Snapshots

Year in Review SL - 2014 - Best Screencaps (text)

Another year passes, and another time for me to make my series of ‘year in review’ posts! I had been collecting snapshots throughout the year in preparation for these posts. I’m going to start with snapshots that I feel are the best of what I had done. I tried to include those that are good all around, and there might be exceptions… but I tried to include the best in my opinion either way. I also have a few extras that will show up only on flickr, and hopefully won’t have such long winded commentary!

.:: January ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

Around this time, Violent Seduction had released a new hair (her first hair, I think) that was modeled after Usagi’s hair from Sailor Moon. Since before then I had this dress that I think was inspired by Princess Serenity (made by Les Petits Détails) and wanted to make a photo inspired by Princess Serenity. I wanted to find a bright garden like place to take pictures at, but I ended up at Diesel Works instead. I really like the emotion in this one, like the princess is almost ready to give up hope and that her prince might not remember her…

.:: February ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

This one was inspired by the Collabor88 theme back then, Supernova. Which was nothing but epic space and sci-fi themed goodness! So I HAD to try and make a tribute to the space and star thing, too. I assumed that silver and gold were a nice combination for the god of stars.

I really love stars, moons and outer space and sci-fi nonsense. More than anything else, really. I just wish there was more of it.

.:: March ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

This was taken at a sim that no longer exists now. I had spent my newbie days there just hanging out and enjoying the scenery. It was called HuMaNoiD. It was owned by the people who run the shop called { We’re Closed }. I regret not taking more variety of quality pictures there… Though thankfully, the owners are still making builds, décor and such, and own a beautiful sim that is just a nice and wonderful as HuMaNoiD was. That link there will take you there.

.:: April ::.
{ high rez }

One of many shots that I didn’t touch up in photoshop, since I liked it the way it was.

When I think of Easter, Spring and April, I think of pastel colors. I tried to bring out the pink using lavender and such. This is also the very first photo I had taken in SL that I actually used the hi rez screen capture to get. So, because of my satisfaction with it and the fact that my computer was cooperating, I didn’t mess up the snap with shoop this time.

.:: May ::.
{ high rez }

Another raw finished shot. This was taken at another sim, Inaka, that no longer exists. It had closed down the day after I took these set of snaps. It was a very uban and cozy area, with lots to see and plenty of tiny details that you would have to slow down and take your time seeing. There were also plenty of shops around, making it seem like an actual little town. So much love and care went into that sim, and though I only managed to spend a little time there I thank the owners and builders who made it. I wish I spent more time there.

The photos in that shoot were if Miel was in school, and I love uniforms. So of course she’s wearing a school uniform. (made by Edelweiss) A lonely student on her way home from school, and decides to visit an old part of the city that she used to live.

.:: June ::.
{ high rez }

Another raw finished shot. This was when I first got the Utilizator Kemono mesh avatar. I refused to get it unless I could find a cute animal mod of my liking. I wanted a cat mod, but I didn’t want just any regular cat. Then I found this one by Burd Designs, which I really like. Though, I still don’t use the kemono much because of the lack of clothes I’d want to wear made specifically with the kemono with large breasts.

The shot itself was made trying to use the technique described in Reinoel’s Lighting tutorial.

.:: July ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

This one is only here because I really like the editing I did. Even if it’s a little overdone. Still looks nice to me.

.:: August ::.
{ high rez }

Another raw finished shot. I wanted to make a gothic look using white and lighter colors. I think I went overboard as soon as I decided it should involve unicorns and farting sparkles. I really like using the pastel sky windlights.

.:: September ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

Another urban like piece that I liked, this time it’s at the mall called Love Soul. I had wanted to just slap random accessories and such together, since I really have too many accessories that I’m not using.

.:: October ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

This was part of a photoshoot with a friend. We had planned out to take pictures being pastel princesses, and I remembered the Cake sim. Cake is great, there’s many parts of it and a train that connects them all, and the sweets area we had a blast at. I shoulda taken more pics of us climbing all over the giant food there.

.:: November ::.
{ high rez }

Another raw finished shot. This one is part of a set taken at a temporary area made just for a hunt / interactive game called Blood Letters, by the MadPea group. While I was in the area, I felt like I was inside a horror game, which the title of this one – Dismal Field – is named after a music track from Resident Evil / Biohazard Director’s Cut. I wanted it to feel like she’s going into the maze, exploring, and then discovering a dark secret.

.:: December ::.
{ high rez | raw image }

This was part of a set I took at Forgotten City, which is the most beautiful steampunk sim I ever been to. I am looking forward to going back there to explore more, since there’s tons of details I know I missed while jumping around like an idiot trying to take some nice snapshots.

For this shot, I had edited it because I was wondering how my snaps would look like. I gave up after finishing this one. For the feel of the shot, I blurred out my avatar and everything that is near her on the foreground. I wanted the focus be on the expanse in front of her, and how wonderful the sight is for her.


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