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The Forgotten City

It’s been almost a month since I last blogged, even though I’m active on flickr. I hope everyone had happy holidays and fun times with loved ones. Or just a great time alone, if you prefer solitude!

I haven’t been up to posting about my outfits lately, and anything else I haven’t found words to. I only wanted to share my SL photography and see if I can get better by taking it easy. I thought I would make more quality shots, but I only ended up with a few. But that’s going to be something I will work on very soon. New Years Day is coming up faster than lightning, and I am excited for a better year than this one. 2014 wasn’t the worst year for me, but it was still pretty bad. I’ll talk more about what I expect to get out of the upcoming year in my New Year’s post.

I realized that I probably should talk more about my outfits instead of just posting the credits and the picture(s) themselves. Because this one I really, really like and wish I could have waited a little bit so I could have made it my first outfit of 2015! I adore my OC Violet here, my little perky bat girl who I put together for the sole purpose of being cute and goth. I had attempted to use the gothic look on my main avatar and others, but I think Violet (and her sister Scarlet) do it best in my opinion.

The Forgotten City

Since creating Violet, I’ve been buying violet colored items here and there. I had named her after her favorite color, and it’s what she mostly wears alongside black. Her eyes aren’t naturally purple either, those are contacts! (her natural eye color is grey) And she used to smoke, but not as much anymore… until I found Anachron and Nikotin, which have quality, animated smoking accessories. I don’t like smoking / smokers IRL but I do appreciate the realism in these items. I also decided to give her a last name recently, so now she’s: Violet LeBlanc.

I don’t think I have enough blood splatters, wounds, and injury mods for my avatar. The slashed grin I had wanted a while back, but had forgotten it deep in my wishlist until now. I was gonna keep with a clean look, but then I started to think about her with a Glasgow grin and then put that on her… and I really like how she loks now. Like she was innocently on her way to a party and met with someone who likes ruining beauty. She survived, but will be scarred forever, reminded that she was sparred by a madman. She won’t let a near death experience slow her down.

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Photo(s) @ Forgotten City
Pose(s) | AX-019 Baby Duck AO by ORACUL (Daisy Saeed), an old free dance from HUMANOID (?)

:: BODY ::
Hair | Jinx by Truth (Truth Hawks)
Eyes | Jelly / Violet by Insufferable Dastard (Audrey Lamede)

Hair bows + Dress | Lenore – Coagulate by Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri)
Stockings + Garter | Violet Cirque Noir Garter Belt + Stockings [gacha] by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)
Boots | Victoria Boots – Onyx by Anachron (Nix Marabana)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | Starry eyelashes by Lovely Alien (Seven Paragorn)
Eyeliner | NEW! Zeebat Eyeliner [group gift] by The Horror! (horrorcherry)
Nailpolish | Metallic Nails Slink Applier [group gift] by Ni.ju (Vitani Jun)
Lipstick | Galactic Lip [purple] by NOX (Olyvia Stratten and Anya McConach)
Glasgow Grin | Stitched Smile (Bloody & Fresh) by +REDRUM+ (Mzzy Wytchwood)
Blood Splatter | Bloody Skin (Chest) from Bloody Sailor Light Halloween 2013 LB [unavailable] by Edelweiss (Moeka Kohime)

Eyepatch | NEW! Rozen Eyepatch (Purple) [gacha] by Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri)
Choker | Belladonna Crystal Beaded Choker by Maxi Gossamer
Ring | Dark Swirled Bonbon Ring [gacha] by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)

:: MUSIC ::
Kanon Wakeshima – Kagami


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