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Bundle Up

Bundle Up

We’re already getting snow over where I live, and it’s just horrible. Yet again, people driving like crazy no matter how bad the weather gets. Makes me want to pull my hair out. I chose to not drive unless I absolutely have to, I’ll take the bus and a cab instead. (Even though the last cab I took drove… really recklessly too. Speeding on a snow covered road is the best idea ever, totally.) As for the snow itself… even though it’s cold at least the snow was drifting gently. Not really getting heavy until later yesterday. Nice to look at, a horror to walk through at this time, since some of the snow was melting under the new layers and turning to slush. I slid around all too often, but I still did what I needed to do.

Bundle Up

Now about my outfit… I’ve always wanted to do a winter look, but I have a hard time with layering most of the time. Because lots of people stopped making clothing layer items that weren’t underwear or stockings in regards of actual clothes. I understand that mesh is the biggest thing now but… that doesn’t mean that clothing layer tops and pants should be just thrown out and deemed “not valuable” anymore. To each their own, but I still would like quality clothing layer items every now and then. It’s just nice to be able to layer clothes, using mesh and clothing layers at the same time. Unless the mesh coat or top was made for layering with another mesh coat or top, then it’s nearly impossible to do so, I’ve found. Not without massing clipping going on. I don’t mind some clipping, though.

Maybe soon I’ll attempt to make some clothing layer items for myself for winter outfit purposes, and I’ll keep a look out for nice ones on the marketplace and in world.

One last thing, and an unrelated one at that… I finally learned how to turn the camera without the use of the on screen arrow camera control window, by curiosity and pressing buttons. I knew about the alt+click and drag to zoom in on things but, I did not know about ctrl+alt+click and drag to pivot around the point. Oops. And ctrl+click and drag makes the avatar turn when you move the mouse enough, kinda like if you’re in mouselook. Why am I only just learning this now?

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Photo(s) @ Never Totally Dead…, Enchanted Escapes
Pose(s) | AX-019 Baby Duck AO by ORACUL (Daisy Saeed)

:: BODY ::
Hair | Whitley Brown [gacha] by LaNoir Soleil Designs (Caresia Adored and Sonnetsoleil)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | S03 Yasashii Eyelashes by FiveTrueLove (Framboise Werribee)
Blush | Winter’s Face by .Oh!Liv. (Livialexis)

Coat | Shawl Collar Cardigan (check black) by C’est la Vie! (Larcoco Mathy)
Top | Long Tee – Brown by Oyakin (Kinbo Akina)
Skirt | Puff Skirt (Printed – Eggplant) [unavailable] by Tulip (Minami Susanowa) (MP Only)
Leggings | Leggings Brown [unavailable] by Couverture (Chocolate Arashi)
Boots | Maggie Boots (Oil) by Fri.Day (Darling Monday) @ Collabor88 Nov. 2014

Hat + Mittens | Fuzzy Woolers White Sheep Hat RARE and White Sheep Mittens [gacha] by 8f8 (8f8 and Iku Solo)
Scarf | Wide Scarf  by Mr. Poet (Hiwinyu Fazuku)

:: MUSIC ::
Marconi Union – Sleepless


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