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114. Pumpkins and Bats

Pumpkins and Bats

Yesss. My most favorite month of the year is here. I love fall and I love Halloween. The best time since there’s pumpkin everything too. I love me some pumpkins, you have no idea. This is also the time that lots of nice shops are putting out Halloween themed things if they haven’t already. One of them being Ambrosia, with another mini hunt in their shop this year. It’s exclusive to group members, so join if you can! (requires a small fee, but it’s worth it if you like cute stuff!)

There’s also one of my most favorite sims of all time, RMK Gothic, that is having another Halloween event. This time, the theme is a magic academy! I haven’t figured it out just yet (besides I got flung into a corner and crashed as usual LOL) but I’ll be going back soon with a friend to check it out. While I was there I managed to snag some gacha stuffs and some freebies, and checked out what was being put up for sale… So much cute Halloween stuff. I can’t control myself around Halloween stuff.

Pumpkins and Bats

{ Link to Frequently Worn }

Pose(s) | Doll Model by Rotten Toe (Elsa Liebknecht)

:: BODY ::
Hair | NEW! Kakoa Goth Queen Fatpack RARE by Taketomi (Bella Earst) [gacha] @ Gacha Mania
Skin | Soya by Mariko (S2marie) unavailable
Eyes | Wrath Eyes (Lion) by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend) [group gift]
Wings | NEW! Halloween Wing (came with the staff) by Silvery K (Gin Fhang) [freebie] @ RMK Gothic

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyeshadow | NEW! Jaded Black – Pumpkin by Glamorize (Yoko Leeeroy)
Lipstick | NEW! Milky Lip – Chop(Apple) Angelica (Lindsay Rozen) [gacha] @ Gacha Mania
Nailpolish | NEW! Halloween Nails for Slink Feet + Toes by Ambrosia (Sherry Otsuka) [Halloween 2014 Mini Hunt gift]

Dress | NEW! Corset Dress (Halloween) by Ambrosia (Sherry Otsuka) [Halloween 2014 Mini Hunt gift]
Tights | NEW! Plain Ribbed Tights – Brick (orange/yellow pack) by Cannibelle (Annabelle Couturier)
Shoes | NEW! Pumpkin Heels for Slink (Black) by Ambrosia (Sherry Otsuka) [Halloween 2014 Mini Hunt gift]

Hat | NEW! Halloween Head Dress (Orange) by Ambrosia (Sherry Otsuka) [Halloween 2014 Mini Hunt gift]
Collar | NEW! Lace Choker Yellow by Silvery K (Gin Fhang) [gacha] @ RMK Gothic
Staff | NEW! Halloween Stick (came the wings) by Silvery K (Gin Fhang) [freebie] @ RMK Gothic

:: MUSIC ::
A Nightmare Before Christmas OST: This Is Halloween


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