Fashion · Lookbook

113. Candy Girl

Candy Girl

Photo(s) @ Candy Mountain
Pose(s) | xstar AO by oracul

:: BODY ::
Hair | Audrey – Disaster Pack by LCKY (Olli Braveheart)
Wings | Spiral Chibi Wings (tinted) by Katsu Kreations (Ryona Katsu)

Top | Royal t – Sprinkle by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Shorts | SHAWTz – steal by Candy Mountain [group gift]
Stockings | White Hearts Stocking by POMF (Ayase Snowpaw)
Shoes | Candy Rocker Sneakers by NoRe! (No Monitor) [old hunt gift]

Hairband | Bunny Band – Zommie by Candy Mountain [lucky board]
Bracelets + Necklace | Crazy Bunny Candy Jewlery Combo by BunnyStar (Mhyja Questi)
Belt | Crazy Bunny Candy Giver Belt by BunnyStar (Mhyja Questi)

:: MUSIC ::
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Candy Candy


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