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111. Chariot


So my buddy got a mod from Candy Mountain… a bear one. And I had thought that I wouldn’t get any more mods for the kemono because I hardly use it. Mostly because I don’t know how to dress her. But the bear mods by Candy Mountain, seeing one next to me and just sooo cute… I couldn’t resist, so I bought a pack. I wanted one of the color ones too, so I’ll go back later to get the one I want. I didn’t realize it at first, but the mod is inspired by Rilakkuma. (Also I bought a monkey kemono mod from Burd Designs too but I’ll post about that one later!)

I also decided to get a couple new clothing pieces for the kemono, since I do love it and want to use the avatar more often. I’ll make another post with the monkey and other clothes later. I have to catch up on a whole lot of blogging stuff. I took too many days off to get distracted!

Pose(s) | random poses from a freebie / welcome zone

:: BODY ::
Hair | Bang Bang Bob [Chocolate Bars Pack] by Lamb (Lamb Bellic)
Mesh Avatar | Kemono by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)
Eye Mod | Soft Doll Eyes by POMF (Ayase Snowpaw)
Skin Mod | NEW! Relax w/ Tails + Ears (Relax and Chill) by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend) (kemono mods on marketplace only for now)

Hoodie | Short Hoodie for Avatar 2.0 and Kemono by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)
Skirt | NEW! Tennis Skirt + Panties for Kemono by ABC Apparel (o0ABC0o)
Boots | Kemono Starter Boot by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)

Glasses | Megane01_A_7colors by Kik (as001 Littlething)
Necklace | NEW! Twisted Tarot Necklace – VII – The Chariot by Redux! / Anachron (Nix Marabana) [gacha] 

:: MUSIC ::
Persona 4 OST: Pursuing My True Self


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