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108. Forest Ram

09022014-ootd 02

I hardly ever use my male avatars because I don’t know how to style them… But while messing around with a couple of friends, I managed to put something together after getting inspired. I wasn’t sure if Noel could pull it off but he did, and I really like this, even though I’d prefer if he’d got to wear more clothing. I don’t mind dressing Noel up in casual wear but sometimes I would like to see him in more stylish clothing. Also I am using female SLink hands and shape because female shapes are easier for me to work with, and the female hands fit the shape better than the male ones do.

09022014-ootd 01

Photo(s) @ Mystara – The Dark Forest
Pose(s) | Various (I apologize, I forgot to write them down) by ZZANG (HushHushHush), tuTy’s, and Elephante Poses (MelissaJeanne Flores)

{ Frequently Worn }

:: BODY ::
Horns | Aventine Horns – Atlantis (tinted) by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) [gacha] 
Hair | Sayaingen – Dark Essentials by Discord Designs (Kallisti Burns)
Skin | Sean – Tone 07 by Tableau Vivant (Aida Ewing)
Tail | Blossom Tail (Poisonbloom) by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) [gacha] 
Hooves | Faun Hoofies Black RARE (tinted) by uLukie (Ursula Luckless) [gacha] (unavailable)

:: MAKEUP ::
Face paint | Snow Warrior by REDRUM (Mzzy Wytchwood) [hunt gift??] 
Lips | Reddened Lip [Dark] by NOX (Anya McConach) [Enchantment: Bluebeard Prize] (unavailable)
Tattoo | Chaost back tattoo by Prozak (Kimiko Manatiso) (unavailable)

Silks | Babylon – Carmine by Al Jamal (Photos Nikolaidis)

Collar + Bracers | Fangarth (silver set) by Aisling (Druunah Esharham) [gacha] 
Earrings | Snake Black Taper Earrings by Luxe (Jaycee Dover)
Nose Ring | Rebellious Piercing by Kink! (Mikhayla13)

:: MUSIC ::
Final Fantasy IX OST: Stirring the Forest


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