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103. Neko Sugar Girl

Neko Sugar Girl

A little while ago, I got invited to be a blogger for Fresh Face, a skin shop with lots of beautiful, quality skins. They just recently added appliers for Utilizator‘s M3 Anime Head, which I am wearing in the maple tone. The shop has matching skin tones for the linden avatar, the one I am wearing is Molly also in the maple tone. I wanted to put together an outfit that used the hair colors as the theme, but I got really frustrated as my inventory is a major mess still (I’ve gone through some of it, but not even 1/4 of it yet…) so I ended up just tossing some stuff together. I almost got killed by that titan in the background a couple of times trying to get these shots. It would notice me but then run off… lol.

There is a HUGE sale going on at LCKY, because the creator is retiring a lot of her hairs. All the hair packs are L$ 60 right now, and this might be the last day… so hurry in and grab what you can! I ended up buying a whole lot of hair… I do like LCKY’s styles, but only on my M3 head. There are some that I don’t mind on my normal avatar, but I don’t think Miel looks good in them. And now, only after I have taken the snaps that my bag is clipping through my shirt. Arrg. Oh well. I’m so scatterbrained… I wish I could pay attention more, but I get distracted so easily, I can’t help myself.

One last thing… there’s also a little shopping event going on called the Okinawa Summer Festival… s’where I got the gacha uniform from. I suggest you go, since there’s lots of cute stuff for sale, and don’t forget to wear your yukata if you have one~ The festival is going on until August 24th so you have plenty of time to sight-see and shop.

Neko Sugar Girl

Photo(s) @ Edelweiss
Pose(s) | AOT Poses by KAMI-HITOE (Sala Snook) (Wall Edelweiss prize)

:: BODY ::
Hair | NEW! Eilfie by LCKY (Olli Braveheart)
Mesh Head | M3 Mesh Anime Head by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)
Skin | NEW! Molly in Maple + Grace M3 Applier (Maple) by Fresh Face (PeachieMuah)
Eyebrows | M3 Eyebrows by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend) [group gift] 
Eyes | Demonica Dragonic Eyes by CandyCutie (Mimmiomi Ushimawa)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | Lashes by PANTSU*HUNTER (Tsurine)

Uniform | NEW! Summer School Uniform #13 by AMITOMO (Woomi Latte) @ Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
Socks | School-Line Loose Socks by Edelweiss (Moeka Kohime)
Shoes | School Loafer by Edelweiss (Moeka Kohime)

Cat Accessories | Neko Cosplay Set – Gray Tabby by The Sugar Garden (Eilfie Sugarplum) [gacha]
Backpack | The Unusual Bags – Dream Tv Yellow by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth) [gacha]
Gear |
 3D Maneuver Gear by Edelweiss @ Insilico

:: MUSIC ::
Lucky Star OST: Jam Project – Motteke! Sailor Fuku! (Opening)


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