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102. Sentiment


As much as I love this skin I use for Violet, I am finding it quite annoying that I can’t exactly match slink and loudmouth parts, as well as not having a clean face version to work with. I didn’t know about this gacha skin’s location when I first got it… in a yardsale. But when I did find it, I should have looked harder. Ah well, too late to do anything. And I’m okay with it, I just have to compare and contrast a little more. Ando n the weekend I’ll go and get Violet’s new face. I’m using the same shape, so she probably won’t look too different… as I had fallen in love with her as she is. Only with the new skin… she’ll have a whole set of new options. (And next time I find skin in a yardsale I will try harder to look for more of the same type!) In other words… no more gacha skin for me.

Anyway, I had tried again to get some interesting pictures… Those will have to come at a later time. I need to clean my computer again, but maybe I should just save up for a laptop that can handle Second Life and use it exclusively for that. Save the desktop for every other hobby I do that isn’t as taxing on it as running SL is. (Even on low with everything turned off I lag and eventually crash many times. At least once every other time I log on. This is why I tell folks to bear with me.)

07302014 - Bladerunner City

Photo(s) @ Bladerunner City
Pose(s) | Xstar AO by ORACUL (Daisy Saeed)

:: BODY ::
Hair | Subterfuge in Lilac Haze by Little Bones (Nova Faerye)
Horns | Aventine Horns in LeyeLAC by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) [gacha]

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyeshadow | Chance face tattoo by White Widow (Julie Hastings)
Lipstick | Nibble Lips (Vibrant & Vampy) by Glamorize
Nails | Sculpted Prim Nails by Sexy Mamas (Tigerlily Hyun)

Top | Marlow Corset by NoName (Destany Magic, Blue Twine)
Shorts | Yumi Shorts by NoName (Destany Magic, Blue Twine)
Stockings | Lacy Top Stockings by Cannibelle (Annabelle Couturier)
Shoes | Toes in Purple by The Horror! (Horrorcherry) @ Nouveaux [Slink]

Umbrella | Skelly Parasol by CatniP (Akasha Wachmann) [gacha] (unavailable)
Earring | Black Cross Earrings by LillyRose Delicioso
Collar | Nephele Collar by The Plastik (Aikea Rieko)
Necklace | Long Zodiac Necklace Scorpio by Pomposity (Bugsy Hansome) [gacha]
Bracelet | Purity Black Silver Leather Bangles by Diamante (Alliana Petunia) [freebie]

:: MUSIC ::
[:SITD:] – Sentiment


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