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100. Descending…


So I went off and spent too much this weekend once again… I need to put a curb on my spending habits, I was doing well (I think) these past few weeks. And lately, since I’ve been well enough, I was thinking about finally making some content for Second Life. I keep doubting myself, and I know that my stuff probably won’t be the best at first. But all I can do right now is try.

Right now, I think I will start with texture mods and makeup, and maybe clothing laying stuff. Until I can get the mesh thing down. When I do, I think I will start with just accessories for now… a bigger goal will be hair and some clothes. Also poses, those will come earlier than the mesh stuff, because I seriously cannot find very specific poses for closeups.


Pose(s) | Over My Head by Ma Vie (Mavi Beck)

{ Link to Frequently Worn }

:: BODY ::
Hair | Suspiria in Aubergine by Spellbound (Kohana Xue) [gacha] @ OMGacha

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyeshadow | Forever Night Eye Makeup – Coal by Glamorize (Yoko Leeeroy)

Dress | Fiora Skirt in Black by Zenith Fashion (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Tights | Gothic Lace Suspender Tights by Cannibelle (Annabelle Couturier)
Boots | Fowler Laced-Up Boots in Soot by Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)

Collar | 7 Sins Collection – Wrath Collar (from Wrath Dress) by The Library [gacha] (Unavailable?)
Gloves | Jessamine Gloves in Nero Suede by Belgravia / Leverocci (Jin Elfan)
Belt | Heart Love Belt by Sour Pickles (Xandra Bressig) [old hunt gift] 

:: PROPS ::
Background | Turnip’s Skydome + Enchantment Texture Pack by Turnip’s Homes (Turnip Sorbet)

:: MUSIC ::
All Gone Dead – D(escending)


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