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094. Nadja

06212014-ootd 02
Introducing (yet another) character of mine, Nadja. Named after a fairy-type demon from the Shin Megami Tensei series. I am in love with Utilizator’s work, and adored the Kemono avatar since the day it came out. But only recently have I got around to getting it myself. I have enjoyed running around and dressing her up, though it’s still a little difficult since there’s so little clothing options for her. I put some of the Avatar 2.0’s clothes on her, and it looks okay to me for some pics I suppose. I cannot wait until there are more unique clothing options made for the Kemono. I plan on making some texture mods myself, and already have somewhat, for the boots at the moment.

I also plan on making a post about some of the character ideas and such I had come up with each of my ‘avatars’. Besides I need an update on a portrait for my profile, and some notes for the records as well… I’m losing track of things.

06212014-ootd 01

Pose(s) | My Pop Starlet by ZZANG (HushHushHush)

:: BODY ::
Hair | Hansel by LCKY (Olli Braveheart) [old hunt gift]
Mesh Avatar | NEW! Kemono by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)
Eye Mod | NEW! Demonica Dragonic Eyes by CandyCutie (Mimmiomi Ushimawa)
Skin Mod | NEW! Lynx Mod in Blonde by Burd Designs (Venti Ghost)

Crown | The King’s Crown by AMU
Collar | Good Kitty Collar in Black by The Sugar Garden (Eilfie Sugarplum) [gacha]
Hoodie | NEW! Short Hoodie for Avatar 2.0 + Kemono by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)
Tofu Stick | Num Num Tofu Heart by Tentacio (May Tolsen) [gacha] @ The Arcade June 2014
Skirt + Belt | NEW! Short Skirt for Avatar 2.0 by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)
Boots + Gloves | NEW! part of starter outfit from the Kemono box by Utilizator (Utilizator Mode)

:: MUSIC ::
Gumi Megpoid and Len Kagamine – Ah, It’s A Wonderful Cat Life…


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