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Inaka (Closes at the end of May 2014)
Pose(s) | Adored Girl AO by TuTy’s (Tutys Resident, Su Voir, Haimrich Fredriksson)
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Inaka C
“Senpai had yelled at me again for being late… so I guess I should get going to school for once.”

Finally decided to actually blog about the places I go to, and take plenty of pics too, which I’ll share most on flickr (as usual, click my pics) and tumblr. Sadly, this one is about a place that shall disappear forever after tomorrow… what a shame I haven’t explored and hung out here any sooner. So I decided to take lots of pictures here. I really like places like this, highly detailed and looks pretty cozy. The amount of detail that went into it is amazing, and reminds me of the hard work of another sim, Kowloon, which I want to visit again soon, and make a post about… but only later.

It’s a shame it’s closing down soon… I had been here before, but I had crashed before everything rezzed, so I didn’t bother coming back… and now I regret everything. There are shops here and on the ground floor too, with a handful of things to look at and some to interact with.

Inaka H
“The train isn’t moving… so I guess I’ll just walk to school on the tracks…”

Inaka B
“But then I was stricken with a sad memory of my childhood… and how I miss how everything used to be.”

Inaka G
“Maybe this once I’ll walk with senpai… maybe we could remember together all the good times. Maybe he’ll forgive me then.”

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 – Never More


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