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090. Cirque du Freak

Cirque du Freak

Slowly getting back into the groove of things, making a long backlog of missing posts that I had prepared outfits for beforehand, so expect to see some out of order things until I fix everything. I apologize in advance! (Also updated some things on the comp, so maybe things won’t crash as often and lag as been kind to me recently so… Gonna take advantage of that.)

I love the Circus. Yet I haven’t been able to go to one IRL since I was a kid. Mostly because a circus would come into town and I wouldn’t know about it since I hardly ever leave the house, or I would find fliers for one… but I am deemed ‘too old’ to go by my peers, family, and even the circus staff themselves, seeing how the flier was implying that adults wouldn’t enjoy it. Pah! Whenever a Circus is around, I will strive to save up money for it. (Though if any clowns come near me well…)

And speaking of the circus… a buddy recommended I start reading this book series called Cirque du Freak, which is about a couple of kids who get into all sorts of trouble with this freak show type circus… which everything is as real as it seems. And a vampire is running it. When I heard of this I was all “HELL YEAH GIMME THAT” – so now… I’m slowly reading the first book in the series. A Living Nightmare. I’m enjoying it so far, and if I like it enough, I think I’ll buy the next one, and continue from there. (There’s 12 books in the series, oh boy)

Cirque du Freak

Cirque du Freak C

Photo(s) @ DeviousMind
Pose(s) | Delicious by ZZANG (HushHushHush), Hips Don’t Lie by HopScotch (Chandni Khondji), Vintage Circus – Elise the Elephant by chanimations (Chandra Meehan)

:: BODY ::
Hair | NEW! Sandi by LaNoir Soleil Designs (SonnetSoleil, Caresia Adored, MadamAemilius) @ The Candy Factory June 2014 (open from 1st to 14th)
Skin | Reagan in Snow White by La Petite Morte (Voshie Paine) (unavailiable)
Eyes | Utopia in Deep Red by IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Horns | NEW! Harley Romantic Horns Gift by LaNoir Soleil Designs @ The Candy Factory
Mouth + Teeth | Alli + Vampire Teeth by Loud Mouth (Brias Stardust)
Hands | AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant by SLink (Siddean Munro)
Hooves | Faun Hoofies in Black RARE by uLuckie (Ursula Luckless) @ Fantasy Gacha  [gacha]
Tail | NEW! Blossom Tail in Poisonbloom by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) [gacha]

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyeliner | Chance in Black by White Widow (Julie Hastings)
Eyelashes | Dolly Falsies by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Lipstick | NEW! Narcissus Lips in Pink [Loud Mouth] by Nox (Anya McConach)
Nailpolish | SLink Manicure Set in Midnight by Alaska Metro (Alaska Metropolitan)

Lip Piercing | Snake Bites (Simple) by ni.ju (Vitani Jun)
Necklace | NEW! Cherished Sands by LaNoir Soleil Designs @ The Candy Factory
Dress | Phaedra in LaCirque by LaNoir Soleil Designs @ World Goth Fair (maps)
Cuffs | Ameris Cuffs by LaNoir Soleil Designs

:: MUSIC ::
Julius Fucik – Entry Of The Gladiators


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