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Through the Looking Glass


Ayumi takes the role of Alice and dives into an adventure in a mirror world… in search of the elusive Cheshire Cat. She curiously follows the footprints down deeper into the maze.

04302014adv-01 A
“Oh dear!” Ayumi said aloud to herself.

“This might have been the wrong turn? I am lost…”

So she asks some of the locals of the Mirror World for directions… They are were very unreliable, saying every which way is the ‘right’ way. Ayumi decides to take the route deeper into the garden.

“Oh… I wasn’t very good at maze puzzles…” She sighs softly to herself, but she pressed on, determined to find that cat!

The sound of meowing alerted Ayumi to the location of the Cheshire Cat, and she leapt into the mirror that was suspiciously similar to the one that she had used to get into the Mirror World, and…

… There he was. The Cheshire Cat at last! The grinning feline had brought her all the way back home, and she decided to take him with her. The cat didn’t mind, so long as there was food (and cuddles).


Photo(s) @ Forest of Zyn (Through the Looking Glass Maze)
Pose(s) | 2013 Advent Gift 2 by Picture This! Poses (KeliahAngelis) [old hunt gift], I Seem to be lost… and Tender Loving Care by Pipit (Zuleicca) [old hunt gift], Alice in RMK Gothic2014 poster pose by Theater Chain (ROKIA Kristan)
Plushie | Forest of Zyn – Through the Looking Glass Key Hunt Prize: Cheshire Kitty

:: BODY ::
Hair | Shine (HUD 01) by Magika (Sabina Gully)
Skin | Sora in Vanilla – Sugoi by Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)
Eyes | Promise in Fjord by IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Hands | AvEnhance Hands Female Casual by SLink (Siddean Munro)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)

Outfit | Alice Hunt March 2014 Prize – Alice Outfit by RokumeikaN (Aoi McMasters) [unavailable]
Shoes | Alice Hunt March 2014 Prize – Alice Lolita Shoes by Theater Chain (ROKIA Kristan) [unavailable]

:: MUSIC ::
Alice: Madness Returns OST – Vale of Tears


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