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075. Superbia {1/7}

{ First in my week of variety. Explanation in this post here. } Here’s to six more outfits in a row! I think I have found the theme of my outfits for this challenge… I’ll try to come up with outfits from my inventory for each of the Sins. Also, I am so glad I found some great heels with spines on them… I’ve always wanted a pair of those. I think those, the hair, and the finger jewelry are my favorite things, and I love how they go well with the rest of the outfit. It’s right up Violet’s alley… ♥

075. Superbia {1/7}

There’s a lot of things going on, like many, MANY hunts. I am previewing a hunt item by LaNoir Soleil Designs – the hair is called Lolly, and is in a special color for the upcoming hunt by The Sinister Goth. Here’s a link to info about the hunt! Coming April 1st. I am truly in love with this hair, and it’s my most favorite so far besides the pink Adonia from a couple Candy Factory events back. There’s also a new release at the shop – black colored versions of the Mezcali boots. So go on and grab a pair, taxi’s this way~

I am a huge fan of the 7 Deadly Sins and demons and such… I dunno why. I guess I find the concept interesting. For those who don’t know, Superbia is the Latin name for the sin of Pride / Vanity. Also known as the “Mother of all Sins.” The sin is associated with peafowl and the color violet or purple. It is said that the punishment for Vanity in Hell is to be broken on the wheel, and the demon patron of this sin is Lucifer, for obvious reasons. Humility is the virtue opposite this sin.

★ Everything that says new was bought before or on March. 24th, so it won’t break the challenge.
Pose(s) | Tsundere, Delicious, Prince Charming by ZZANG (Hushhushhush)

:: BODY ::
Hair | NEW! TSG Lolly by LaNoir Soleil Designs (SonnetSoleil, Caresia Adored, MadamAemilius) [The Sinister Goth Hunt – VANITY] (Starts Apr. 1st)
Skin (w/ Lipstick) | Noodles in Royal by Essences (Inka Mexicola) [gacha] (retired)
Eyes | Eternal in Purplicious by IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Feet | Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) High by SLink (Siddean Munro)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyeshadow | Forever Night Eye Makeup in Coal by Glamorize (Yoko Leeeroy)
Eyelashes | Moody Falsies by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Tattoos | NEW! Dylan’s Tattoo by Little Pink Tia (Alexishours)

Crown | Crown in Snow by Enfant Terrible (LeEnfantTerrible)
Nose Piercing | Silver Nose Ring by Galatea Design (Galatea Gothly)
Lip Piercing | Onyx Paw Lip Piercing by Fall From Grace (Vortex Hellmann) [freebie]
Necklace | NEW! Crown pendant in Gothic RARE by Akorat @ Kiyomizu Mall (Reliure) [gacha]
Dress | NEW! Burlesque Corest Dress by Yosiko Oh [Lucky Board]
Rings | NEW! Sadist Rings by Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri)
Stockings | Gothic Lace Suspender Tights by Cannibelle (Annabelle Couturier)
Shoes | NEW! Fool’s Gold in Black (SLink High) by Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri)

:: MUSIC ::
Marylin Manson – You’re So Vain


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