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074. Sakura Season

Might be a little too early for Hanami though, as I’ve found out. It’s in April as I suspected before but I’m dumb and wanted to run around in my kimono anyway… I managed to get a good photo in without my computer crashing and rebooting itself. I believe I fixed the problem, which was an overheating problem. But I should try and not be so hard on it anyway…

074. Sakura Season

Anyway! There’s another big hunt going on at the Kiyomizu Mall where there are over 70 goodies for you to find and pick up! Some of them are at the vendor’s main stores too. I’m having a lot of fun wandering around and found some new places to shop at as well.

I’m also gonna make a challenge for myself… I’ll post a different outfit and/or photo for 7 days. Not really sure if anyone else has come up with this (I’m sure they have) but I just want to do it so that I can get more content flowing from me to my blog. So it doesn’t seem so… empty. It’ll be two challenges rolled into one, the restrictions I have for myself is that 1.) I gotta use different things in my outfits, never the same thing twice. 2.) Exceptions are: skin, attachments like SLink, the makeup that came with my skin(s). 3.) Cannot use same hair only different color unless it’s it’s separate item. And 4.) Don’t use anything bought after 3/24/2014 until the challenge is over!!

I hope I can do this… It’ll give some of the items in my inventory time to shine as well, there’s some that I really miss using back from 2012 as well… I’m doing this starting tomorrow.

Photo(s) @ Kiyomizu Mall
Pose(s) | Kimono Poses by Fantasista (Juliett Moonites)

:: BODY ::
Hair | Heidi in Hazelnut (Browns Pack) by LaViere (Azure Electricteeth)
Skin | Sora <Vanilla> Sugoi by Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena) [Adore & Abhor Anniversary 2014] ~Taxi to event~
Eyes | Promise in Fjord by IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Hands | AvEnhance Hands Female – Victory by SLink (Siddean Munro)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)

Kimono | Furisode Kiku in Pink by Sakka’s Studio (Sakka Flow)
Ring, Hairclip, Earrings and Bracelet | Sakura Jewelry Collection Gacha by Akorat @ Kiyomizu Mall (Reliure)

:: MUSIC ::
Naruto OST (Toshiro Masuda) – Sakura’s Theme


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