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Usagi Cafe: Weekend Event!

Past meets Future @ Usagi Cafe!

The event takes place this weekend, on friday January 24th to saturday January 25th!

Hello bunnies! There’s an upcoming event at the cafe – Past meets Future! The dress code for the theme is traditional Japanese wear mixed with modern fashion, from gyaru to visual kei. There will be a live DJ, fashion contest, photo services, special guests, as well as a mini hunt!

Special Guests and Creators:

  • Shy Girls (lavendersailor)
  • Overcast™ (Myya Silvercloud)
  • Geisha Dreams
  • NoName
  • The Geishas of Yoshiwara Okiya
  • Meiyo


  • Fashion Contest part: 3 winners will be chosen. (Friday)
  • Tea Ceremony hosted by Yoshiwara Okiya
  • Treasure hunt!


  • Fashion Contest part: 3 winners will be chosen. (Saturday)
  • Odori (fan dance) performed by Yoshiwara Okiya
  • Treasure hunt!

Fashion Contest prizes:

  • for women Geisha Dreams offers a girft card which you can use as store credit and go shopping and select the item you want
  • for men a mens traditional fashion store Meiyo will hand out a piece you will be proud to be wearing!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us at the cafe, and join the public group to stay notified on all things event related!


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