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055. Sea Foam

055. Sea Foam 01

You guys have no idea how much I love the color mint, lavender, and pink (or white) all together. And how much I love water and nautical themed stuff. I will be all over that if I ever find any more. Mermaids, anchors all over everything… I just love it. So the Baja Norte sim is right up my alley. I really want to go explore and find more beaches like this to hang out on. Maybe one day have some kind of SL beach party… Yeah that’d be awesome! If only the food was real though, I really want summer to come around so I can go outside and barbecue and go swimming…

055. Sea Foam 02

Psst… Also, also… you guys… go check out Maxi Gossamer. Gotta be one of the best jewelry makers on Second Life for sure. I just- gossh. I love everything. Can I just buy all the things?

Photo(s) @ Baja Norte
Pose(s): Sitting animation from my AO – Adored Girl AO by TuTy’s (Tutys Resident, Su Voir, Haimrich Fredriksson)
Standing – Delicious 004 by ZZANG (HushHushHush Resident)

:: BODY ::
Skin (w/ eyeshadow) | Alyx (Hazel) by Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)
Hair | Lory Mesh Hair (Crystal violet RARE) by Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon) [The Arcade gacha]
Eyes | Esoteric Eyes Green (R), Deep Blue (L) by LaNoir Soleil Designs (SonnetSoleil Resident, Caresia Adored, MadamAemilius Resident) [The Candy Factory gacha]
Hands | AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual by SLink (Siddean Munro)
Feet | Womens Natural Barefeet by SLink (Siddean Munro)

:: MAKEUP ::
Eyelashes | Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Lipstick | Hazel Lip Lustre Icing (w/ Alyx) by Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)
Nailpolish | Les Vernis – Metals by Ma Vie (Mavi Beck)

Headphones | Etude Headphones in Mint by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic)
Necklace | Aphrodite’s Dream in Silver by Maxi Gossamer
Top | Freebie Printed Tanks C by Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)
Bracelet | Nata & Meg Collection: Anchor Silver by Noodles (Natalee Oodles)
Ring | Kitty Ring – Silver by Tea.s (Tea Soup) [freebie]
Pants | Hand Drawn Skinny Jeans – Dots White by Fashionably Dead (Toast Bard)
Shoes | Cozy Flats (Mint) by Fri.Day (Darling Monday) [The Arcade gacha 12/2013]


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