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Oh hey!


Here’s my first entry… of a brand spankin’ new blog. Now I can be like all the cool kids on the Grid who have blogs and such right?

I’m cool now right?

Anyway, my name is Kaibib in Second Life. Display name/nickname is Miel Dyne. My real name? Brittany. I’ve been on the Grid for a couple of years. My Rezday is December 11, 2011. Miel is 2 SL years old and I’m 22 in real life.

I plan to have this blog be about just various adventures, shopping trips, and outfit posts I will have down the road. I hope to meet new friends too, because I am very lonely…

I also have hopes to become a SL creator. I’m interested in learning how to make clothes and maybe hair… but one thing at a time.

Here’s to a good start~


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